Outlying area

Ask yourself the following questions if the zoning plan concerns the outlying areas of the municipality. Keep the explanatory notes and rules of the plan at hand. Outlying areas with farming businesses are often labelled 'Agrarisch'. Non-agricultural businesses often have a specific destination, for example 'Bt - timmerbedrijf' (carpentry).

Ask the following questions

  • Do the non-agricultural businesses in the outlying area have a specific destination (for example 'Bt: timmerbedrijf')?
  • Does this destination match the actual business activities of these non-agricultural businesses? 
  • Are non-agricultural businesses allowed construction rights in the outlying area? Are these sufficient for their development? 
  • Does the zoning plan contain a list of all the businesses located in the outlying area? Is the list complete? 
  • Does the plan allow for enough expansion for businesses? The plan should allow at least 10-20% expansion room. 
  • What are the possibilities for recreation and tourism in the outlying area? 
  • How should agricultural premises that become vacant be allotted, according to the plan? Does the plan allow for non-agricultural uses of the premises, and if so, under which conditions? 
  • What does the plan say about non-agricultural uses as a side activity for agricultural businesses? Which activities are allowed, and under which conditions?