What is chair rental?

Suppose you have a salon in a building that is just a little too big for you. In that case, salon chair rental may be an option for you. It can help you to lower your property costs. At the same time, it is a good opportunity to expand your services by teaming up with a barber, beautician, pedicurist, or nail stylist. Or vice versa: you are just getting started and are looking for suitable salon space to rent. You can then choose to rent a chair in an existing salon.

Chair rental is a collaboration between two or more independent entrepreneurs, usually from the beauty industry, who offer their services to customers at their own expense and risk from the same commercial space. You can choose to rent or let a chair per day, half-day or for an extended period.

Chair rental in your salon

There are two parties involved: the tenant and the lessor. You rent or let a space, so Dutch legislation regarding the renting and letting (in Dutch) of commercial property applies.

Employment Relationships Deregulation Act (Wet DBA)

The chair renter and chair lessor are both independent entrepreneurs, which means there should be no authority relationship. For more information, please refer to the Employment Relationships Deregulation Act.

Chair Rental Agreement

The chair renter is effectively renting a certain amount of commercial space. This means the chair lessor must draft a lease agreement.

Important! If you are renting the property yourself, you must have written permission from the original lessor to sublet the space.

Cooperation Agreement

In addition to the lease, it is also important to properly arrange and record the agreement in writing. Issues to consider are access to the business space, opening hours, use of resources and materials, possibly joint purchasing, and use of computers and PIN equipment. It is paramount that you and the renter stay independent and equal.

Tip! When cooperating with another self-employed professional, it is important to consider insurance. Decide who will arrange what.

We recommend that you and the tenant each take out proper business liability insurance.

Linking the lease and cooperation agreement

Legally, the lease agreement and the cooperation agreement are linked. This means that there is a provision in both the cooperation agreement and the lease agreement that refers to the other document. When one agreement is terminated, the other is also automatically terminated. The lease agreement takes precedence.

Setting the rent

There are no real guidelines for setting rent. Usually, it is linked to the annual costs for the property. If the chair lessor is renting the property, they can calculate the rent based on sqm, plus energy costs.

For other costs, it will have to be determined per component what the compensation will be. This includes costs for joint promotion, as well as for material and resource use.

Seek advice

Chair rental can be a valuable opportunity and good cooperation can have benefits for all parties involved. It is best to seek expert advice and guidance to make sure you get things right. You could, for example, consider calling a lawyer or an accountant.