Who has access to UBO data?

Not everyone has access to the UBO register. Are you a UBO for an organisation? Then you can view your own UBO details. Organisations that have registered UBOs can also view their own UBO registration. In addition, several other organisations have access to the UBO register. For example, the Netherlands Tax Administration.

There are 3 access levels for the UBO register. The data that an organisation can view and download from the UBO register varies according to their access level.

Viewing your own UBO registration

As a UBO, you can view your own UBO data. Organisations with a UBO registration can also see which UBOs are registered for their organisation.

UBOs with shielded personal information

If a UBO is under 18 years old, under police protection, or under guardianship, the UBO can choose to have their personal information shielded. This is stated in Section 51b of the Commercial Register Decree 2008 (in Dutch). When the details of a UBO are shielded, organisations with level 1 access can only view the type and extent of the UBO's interest.

Search by person

Most organisations are only allowed to search the UBO register by an organisation’s name or KVK number. Some organisations are also allowed to search by person. This permits them to see directly with which organisations that person is registered as a UBO. These are organisations with access level 3. The only exception to this is Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

Access levels

These are the 3 access levels in the UBO register:

Access level 1:
If the personal details of the UBO are shielded

Access level 1:
 If the personal details of the UBO are not shielded
Access level 2Access level 3
Type and scope of the interestType and scope of the interestType and scope of the interestType and scope of the interest
 First name and surnameFirst name and surnameFirst name and surname
 Month and year of birthMonth and year of birthMonth and year of birth
 Country of residenceCountry of residenceCountry of residence
   Date of birth

Place of birth


Country of birth

   Residential address
   BSN or TIN

Copy of the documents that KVK has used to verify the details of the UBO

   Copy of the documents proving the interest of the UBO

Access level 1

These types of organisations have access level 1:

Access level 2

The organisations listed in section 51b (1) of the Commercial Register Decree 2008 (in Dutch) have access level 2. These include:

  • the organisations listed in Art. 1:1 of the Financial Supervision Act (Wft, in Dutch), such as:
    • banks
    • investment firms
    • investment institutions
    • electronic money institutions
    • exchange institutions
    • life insurers (except life insurers which are only in-kind funeral insurers)
    • undertakings for collective investments in transferable securities (UCITS)
    • financial service providers acting as life insurance intermediaries
    • payment services agents
  • all types of civil-law notaries that fall under Section 1a(4)(d) of the Wwft (in Dutch).

Access level 3

These organisations have access level 3:

  • the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU)
  • competent authorities listed in 51a of the Commercial Register Decree 2008 (in Dutch), such as:
  • De Nederlandsche Bank
  • Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets
  • Financial Supervision Office
  • Netherlands Gaming Authority
  • Deans of the Bar Association
  • Netherlands Tax Administration
  • Minister of Finance
  • Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service
  • Justis
  • National Public Administration Probity Screening Agency (LBB)
  • National Police
  • National Police Internal Investigations Department
  • Public Prosecution Service
  • General Intelligence and Security Service
  • Military Intelligence and Security Service
  • Royal Netherlands Marechaussee
  • Social Affairs and Employment Inspectorate
  • NVWA Intelligence and Investigation Service
  • Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate
  • Statistics Netherlands (except for copies of documents used by KVK to verify the UBO's details, and of the documents showing the UBO’s interest)

Temporarily no access

At the moment, organisations with access level 1 and 2 temporarily do not have access to the UBO register. Therefore, these organisations are currently still asking businesses, foundations, and associations to provide an overview of registered UBOs themselves.

Amendment Act

Access to the UBO register may change due to changes in law. Follow changes to current laws and regulations via wetten.overheid.nl (in Dutch).

A legislative proposal is currently pending that will expand access to UBO registers. Read more about this proposed legislative change (in Dutch).