Standard steps of importing into the Netherlands

This checklist describes standard steps of importing and shows where you may get assistance with these steps.
Orientating on importWhere to go
Discuss you import ideasInternal organisation
Trade organisation
Surf on the internet for informationCBS
Chamber of Commerce
Write your import (marketing)planInternal organisation 
Chamber of Commerce
Commercial consultants
Determine import costing and the selling priceInternal organisations
Chamber of Commerce

Assessing your company's import capacity

Where to go
Define your company's strenghts and weaknessesInternal organisation
Chamber of Commerce
Follow an import course, attend a seminarChamber of Commerce


Where to go
Market research of importmarketCBS
Trade organisations
Commodity boards
Determine effective forms of promotionChamber of Commerce
Identify potential new customersInternal organisations


Where to go
Choose means of transportChamber of Commerce
Arrange transport yourself or through specialised transportersFenex
Select a transport agent or transport companyFenex
Which Incoterm to useChamber of Commerce
International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)


Where to go
Make financial planChamber of Commerce
Internal organisations
Check the financial feasibilityInternal organisation
Chamber of Commerce
Arrange additional financing if requiredBanks
Determine payment termsChamber of Commerce


Where to go
What agreements to make with your clientChamber of Commerce
Define role of your supplier (sales contract, importer, agent, distributor)Chamber of Commerce
Association of Intermediairs (VNT)
Determine your general termsTrade organisations
Chamber of Commerce


Where to go
Which insurances do you require (transport, liability, etc.)Chamber of Commerce
Insurance advisor
Take on insuranceChamber of Commerce
Insurance company

Customs & excise

Where to go
What import tarriffs are applicableChamber of Commerce
Customs service
Which import documents and licences are requiredChamber of Commerce
Customs service
Arrange customs proceduresFenex