Registration fee

Non-recurring registration fee of € 51,30

To register a new company or organisation in the Dutch Commercial Register (Handelsregister), you pay a non-recurring fee of € 51,30. You can only pay digitally, using your mobile, debit or credit card.

You must pay this registration fee when you:

  • register a company or organisation in the Commercial Register for the first time; 
  • register a restart, takeover, division or merger that causes a new registration the the Commercial Register, with a new KVK number.

The fee covers the administrative costs. It is a requirement stipulated in the Law on the Chamber of Commerce. 

Do you need an extract from the Commercial Register?

When you register, you can also buy a (paper) company extract from the Commercial Register. This costs € 15,40. Again, you can only pay digitally. Some banks request that you produce a Commercial Register extract; wholesalers always request one.  
Have you also registered UBOs, and do you want to order a UBO Register extract? You can only do so online (in Dutch).

Last updated on 22 April 2021

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