From an eenmanszaak to a bv or nv

A notary usually registers the legal forms bv and nv in the Business Register. To register the conversion of your eenmanszaak to a besloten vennootschap or naamloze vennootschap yourself, fill out the following forms and make an appointment with KVK.

Step 1: Fill in forms

  • Form 14: 'change of business and branch details’ to transfer the business to a bv or nv. 

  • Form 3: 'besloten vennootschap / naamloze vennootschap registration form'. 

  • Form 11: ‘officer registration form for legal entity'. 

  • Form 30: ‘UBO registration form'. The form states which attachments you need to bring. 

Step 2: Make an appointment

Make an appointment at a KVK office and bring:

Registration fee 

To register the business with a new KVK number, the new owner must pay a registration fee.  Do you not need to visit in person? Then you will receive an invoice by post.

Officer is a legal entity or partnership 

If the officer is a legal entity or partnership, you do not have to provide a personal ID. Simply send the forms to KVK’s postal address. The form states who is authorised to sign the forms and which supporting documents you may need to enclose. 

Does the eenmanszaak have branch offices or an authorised person?

Then they must be re-registered with the bv or nv.

  • Form 9: 'Registration of a company branch'
  • Form 13: 'Registration of authorised representative'

Visiting address and business activity

When taking over a business, the visiting address and at least 1 business activity must remain the same.

Effective date 

The transfer date is the date of incorporation of the bv or nv mentioned in the notarial deed. After the change/changes has/have been processed, you can immediately order a certified copy of your KVK Business Register Extract

Netherlands Tax Administration

Due to the change of legal form, the KVK number and VAT ID will also change. We will report this change in the Business Register to the tax authorities. If you employ staff, your payroll tax number will also change. To find out what to do, visit the website of the Dutch Tax Administration

Current contracts 

Find out which contracts are in the eenmanszaak’s name, including rental contracts, maintenance contracts, and insurance policies. Change the name on the contracts to the bv’s or nv’s name. 

More information 

You will find more information on transferring a company in the articles Final tax return when closing down, selling, or inheriting a business and A guide to changing your business structure on

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