Frequently asked questions about logging into KVK

You can log into in different ways. How you log in depends on what you want to do.


Apply for DigiD via You need your citizen server number (BSN) to apply.

Do you live outside the Netherlands and do not have a DigiD? Check which situation applies to you.

- I have Dutch nationality. You can apply for a DigiD. The DigiD website tells you how to do this.
- I do not have the Dutch nationality, but the nationality of a country within the European Economic Area (EEA). First register with the Non-Residents Records Database (RNI). After registration with the RNI, you will immediately receive a citizen service number (BSN) and can apply for a DigiD. The DigiD website tells you how to do this.
- I have a nationality outside the European Economic Area (EEA). Then you cannot use DigiD. Do you need a DigiD to make an appointment to register your sole proprietorship or general partnership (vof)? If so, please call 088-585 15 85.

There are several reasons why you may see an error message when logging into DigiD,

The DigiD app disconnects if you are inactive for 15 minutes or more. Try to log in again.

Are you still unable to connect? Then go to the DigiD website for more information. There you can check if there is a problem. And you can read more about possible solutions.

If logging in with DigiD continues to fail, please see Logging in with DigiD app or Logging in with SMS verification.

Is it still not working? Watch the DigiD tutorial videos.

At various places on the KVK website, you will find a button to log in with DigiD. If you click it, you get the choice of which way you want to log in. You can choose between the DigiD app and SMS verification. KVK uses DigiD to check your identity. This is so that we know for sure that it is you who is logging in.

With the DigiD app

Install the DigiD app on your mobile phone or tablet. The first time you use the app, you must choose a five-digit security code. Remember this code. Each time you use the DigiD app, you must type it in.

If you log in to using the DigiD app, our website will ask you for a four-letter code. Open the DigiD app on your phone or tablet, ask for such a code and enter these letters on Then you have to click a button in the DigiD app to approve logging into After that, you can continue on our website.

With SMS verification

Log in to the DigiD website using your DigiD username and password. There, add your mobile or landline number to your DigiD account and choose login with SMS verification.

If you log on to the website with DigiD, you choose 'With SMS verification'. DigiD will then immediately send you a code in a text message (on your mobile phone) or a spoken message (on your landline telephone). You use this code to log in to

For many activities on our website, you need DigiD. KVK uses DigiD to check your identity. It means we know for sure who is logging in. Below are examples where you do not need DigiD.

To view your KVK details

You can only check part of your business details on without DigiD. These are public details. This can be done in 3 ways:

  • With KVK Bedrijvencheck (in Dutch) you can view the public data of your business. This tool allows you to view the data of 30 businesses or organisations per year. It is free of charge. You log in to KVK Bedrijvencheck with an access code. Do you not have one? Request an access code from KVK.
  • Call our Business Register information number: 0900 123 45 67 (€0.90 per minute). When you call, you can ask for the public details of your business. A computer will read out these details.
  • You can also request a paper extract or digital extract for your business from the Business Register.

To file documents

Filing is the official process of registering documents with KVK. Such as financial statements or general terms and conditions. You do not need a DigiD for this.

To report changes

If you want to report changes to your business registration, you can do so without DigiD. When signing, choose the option to send the form by post.

The DigiD website tells you what to do. Go to Login with DigiD app or Login with SMS verification.

Many activities on require you to log in with DigiD. Such as registering, reporting changes, making appointments, and requesting documents. You need to log in with DigiD to prove your identity. This ensures that only you can view or change your details.

Below are the most important activities on for which you need DigiD:

Access code

Request your access code directly (in Dutch). You need an access code to order products from the Business Register and to file your business’s annual accounts online.

Tip: you do not need an access code to order a paper or digital certified KVK extract. You can then pay directly via iDEAL or by credit card.

No, you can only have one access code.

If you cannot log in with your access code and password:

  • log in to the Business Register page (in Dutch);
  • check that you have entered the access code correctly;
  • check that Caps Lock is not on when you type your password;
  • request a replacement password (in Dutch) and use it to log in.

If you get an error message or none of the above suggestions solve your problem, contact us.

Find the situation that applies to you below. We will then restore your access to the Business Register as soon as possible.

The access code for the Business Register Online is free. You only pay for the products you order.

Filing annual accounts with an access code is free.

Request an access code

Yes, this email is from KVK. In this article, we explain how to recognise a message from KVK.

Check if the email is in your junk or spam folder. If you did not receive the email, contact us. We will re-send your password.

You will receive your password via email immediately after requesting an access code. You will receive your access code in a separate email or by post. This may take a few days.

You will not find your own registration details or a KVK Business Register Extract for your own business in My Account. You can request a KVK Business Register Extract for your own business.

If your business is an 'eenmanszaak' (sole proprietorship), you can log in to My business with your DigiD to see your details free of charge.

Email and password

With KVK services, you can file financial statements via Zelf Deponeren Jaarrekening (for micro and small business), or prepare and upload XBRL financial statements (for medium-sized businesses). You also have free access to the KVK Business Challenge. Here you can participate in monthly challenges where you share innovative solutions.

For KVK services, log in with your email address and password.

Go to and create an account. We ask for your first and last name so that we can address you in our communications. You will receive an email to confirm the activation of your account.

Have you not received a confirmation email? Check whether it ended up in your spam folder.

Try to create a new account with the email address you want to use. If that does not work, this means you probably already have an account with that email address. You can then use the forgotten password option to set a new password. 

  • Go to KVK services.
  • Log in with your email address and password.
  • From the top-right menu, choose ‘Settings’.
  • On the ‘Settings’ page, under 'account', choose ‘Delete login details’.
  • You must confirm your choice.
  • Enter your password again.
  • Click to confirm that you want to delete your account.

Your account has now been deleted. You no longer have access to KVK services.