From eenmanszaak to vof

You can arrange the transfer of your eenmanszaak (sole proprietorship) to a vof (general partnership) or change your legal structure from sole proprietorship to a general partnership by completing the following forms and making an appointment with KVK.

Important: when you acquire a business, the address for visitors and at least one business activity must stay the same. 

  • Form 14: 'change of business and branch details’ to transfer the business to a general partnership (point 9.1). 

  • Form 2: ‘vof (partnership) registration form'. 

  • Form 10: ‘partner registration form'. 

  • Form 32: (in Dutch) ‘UBO registration form'. The form states which attachments you need to bring. 

Please also bring valid ID to the appointment. 

Schedule an appointment by clicking the "Login using DigiD" button at the bottom of the page. You can make an appointment at any branch of the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands. 

UBO register  

When you register a new company in the Business Register, you also have to register its UBOs. Find out who your organisation’s UBOs are. 

When do you not need to present ID?  

If you used to own an eenmanszaak (sole proprietorship) before joining a besloten vennootschap (private limited company), naamloze vennootschap (public limited company), vof, or commanditaire vennootschap (limited partnership, cv) and personally identified yourself at KVK after 1 March 2002, or if you are joining the vof as a company or legal entity (for example as a bv, nv, vof or cv), you do not have to schedule an appointment in person. However, an authorised officer of the company or legal entity in question must sign the statement. Simply hand the form in question and a copy of your ID to the other partner or partners. 

Additional supporting documents 

If a vof contract has been drawn up, please bring this contract to the appointment. The agreements made about the powers of the various partners are documented in the Business Register. 

Effective date 

We will finalise the transfer on the effective date. After the change/changes has/have been processed, you can immediately request a certified extract of your registration in the KVK Business Register


Due to the change of legal form, the KVK number and VAT ID will also change. We will report this change in the Business Register to the tax authorities. If you employ staff, your payroll tax number will also change. To find out what to do, visit the website of the Dutch Tax Administration

Registration fee 

To register the business with a new Chamber of Commerce number, the new owner must pay a one-off registration fee (payment only possible via debit or credit card). If you do not have to schedule an appointment, we will send you a bill by post. 

Current contracts 

Find out which contracts are in the eenmanszaak’s name, including rental contracts, maintenance contracts, and insurance policies. Change the name on the contracts to the vof’s name. 

More information 

For more information about business transfers, go to

Making an appointment 

Click on "Login using DigiD" to schedule an appointment and finalise the transfer. 

FAQ about DigiD

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Via DigiD

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