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Do you need financing?

Your new business model can work, with financing. Find out which type of financing suits your company. And how to apply for financing.

Find the right financing

Is your liquidity budget in the negative? You can solve this with financing. It is important to find the financing that best suits your business. You always have the option of using regular financiers. Or you can opt for non-bank financing. Think crowdfunding, a credit union, microcredit or a business angel. The higher the viability of your business, the more likely you will be able to find a funder willing to invest.

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State-guaranteed financing

The government has schemes for financing with a state guarantee, such as the SME-credit scheme BMKB. The government guarantees the financier. This reduces the risk for the financier so that it is easier to obtain financing. For investments in measures to increase sustainability, there is the BMKB Green scheme. This has a higher guarantee provision and a longer term than the normal BMKB scheme. You cannot apply for the BMKB schemes yourself. Your financier does this. For the BMKB Green scheme, this can be done until 1 July 2023.

Other financing options

You can apply to the municipality where you live for income support or a loan via the Decree on assistance for self-employed professionals (Bbz).

KVK Advice Team

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