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Be honest with yourself

You are wondering if there is a point in keeping your business going. Naturally, you look at your turnover, costs, and profit. That financial information is vital, but you are even more important.

Be honest with yourself

Be honest with yourself before you think in terms of solutions for your business. Are you still achieving your goals? And how do worries about your business affect you and your health? Do you still want to continue with your business?

Talk about your expectations with people you know well. Do not make the situation look better or worse than it is. Prevent emotions from getting in the way of acting sensibly. You are about to make important choices.

In the next step, look at where opportunities lie for your business.

Ending in a controlled manner

Do you already know that you do not want to continue with your business? Then go to the step-by-step plan ending in a controlled manner.


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