Step-by-step plan continue or quit

You do not know whether continuing your business would be realistic. Find out in 5 steps which is the best choice for you: to continue your business, or to quit.

The steps, an overview


Step 1: Be honest with yourself

There are ups and downs in business. Things happen that you cannot foresee beforehand. This has consequences for your business, your finances, and also for yourself. Perhaps being an entrepreneur does not give you any energy anymore. Be honest with yourself if you have to choose between continuing or stopping.

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Step 2: Look at your possibilities and points of attention

Look at your business and think of what is going well. Also, indicate where the problems lie. Do this for your business but also look at your customers and suppliers.

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Step 3: Create an overview of your finances

Do you want to make a good decision about the next steps? Then having a financial overview is necessary. Get help if necessary.

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Step 4: Ask for help

You do not have to choose between continuing in business or stopping on your own. Put your questions to professionals. Find out where to turn with your questions.

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Step 5: Draw your conclusions

You know the figures and have calculated your new plans. And you have considered whether you still have the energy to continue. With these ingredients, it is time to make a choice. This is not easy. Talk about it with friends and professionals.

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Customised advice from the KVK Advice team

Contact the advisers of the KVK Advice team. They will take the time and map out the possibilities for your business. Think of an extra financial boost or new activity aimed at continuing. Or they discuss how to tackle your debts and what is involved if you want to end your business. Call 088 585 22 22.