Export documents: current developments

News about documents required for import and export.

1. Preferential supplier statement as a PDF file

A supplier statement is used as proof of origin for EUR.1 and EUR-MED certificates, and also for invoice declarations. The supplier statement is also called a 2015/2447 declaration.

There are 2 types of this statement. One is for one-time use, and one is for repeated use. KVK provides examples of these in 4 languages. After downloading the PDF files, you can add your own details.

In the PDF, you say whether your product complies with the rules of origin of a special country or group of countries. This is important because the rules differ per country or group of countries. Always check in advance if your product complies with the preferential rules of origin. If the product meets the rules, send the completed declaration to your customer.

Previously, the supplier statement was a Word file where you could not select a country or group of countries.

Are you unsure about the preferential origin status or the text of the declaration? Then have KVK check it (see below).

2. Verification of preferential origin on declarations

KVK checks and confirms preferential origin on supplier statements and invoice declarations. This way, an exporter or supplier can be sure that the information is correct. This check is only possible if the supplier is based in the Netherlands.

When exporting to countries outside the EU, you regularly need proof of the preferential origin of products. The rules for this are complicated and often differ per country. Some suppliers get it wrong and use the wrong preferential origin. This may mean an importer still has to pay import duties, making a shipment more expensive than expected.

3. New overview of sample invoice declarations

The text of an invoice declaration may differ from one country (or group of countries) to another. As a result, exporters sometimes use the wrong text for an invoice declaration. This means the invoice declaration is invalid. This may affect the amount of import duties to be paid. In this new overview with sample texts (in Dutch), you can see which text to use per country or group of countries.

4. Additional information needed when requesting a Certificate of Origin for petroleum products

On 5 December 2022, further EU sanctions against Russia regarding crude oil products entered into force. As a consequence, KVK can and will request additional information in Certificate of Origin applications for GS 2709 product shipments (crude oil, among other things). For example, documents to prove that the products are in the EU freedom of movement zone, or are under the price cap placed upon these products. 

As of 5 February 2023, the new sanctions also apply to GS 2710 products (oil products, other than crude).  

Keep an eye on the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) website for current developments (in Dutch) and a complete overview of the EU sanctions. The Russia Business Desk (in Dutch) answers questions about the sanctions.