Is your business partner authorised to sign?

You can use the Business Register to find out who is authorised to sign on behalf of a company. This is useful if you have just received an order, but are unsure whether your contact is an authorised signatory.

What is an authorised signatory?

An authorised signatory is someone who may sign contracts on behalf of the company, for example, or carry out certain legal acts, such as giving notification of changes to be made in the Business Register. A person may have full authorisation to sign, but there may also be limits. For example, they may only be authorised to sign contracts up to a specified maximum sum.

Who is authorised to sign on behalf of a company or organisation?

Who exactly is authorised to sign depends on the legal form. For a one-man business, this is the owner; for other legal forms, more than one person may be authorised to sign.

How can I see who is authorised to sign?

The extract of the company states who is authorised to sign and whether there are limits.

Protection of third parties

If any information about a company in the Business Register is incorrect, you can in many cases hold the company responsible for this. Everyone should be able to assume that the information in the Business Register is correct. This is known as the protection of third parties.