From bv to eenmanszaak

If you want to transfer your bv to an eenmanszaak, or want to change your business structure from bv to eenmanszaak, you fill in several forms and make an appointment at KVK. Keep in mind that you can only register one eenmanszaak in your name.

Step 1: Fill in forms

Please choose your situation:

1. The bv ceases to exist

In that case, dissolve the bv first.

2. The bv continues to exist

Fill in these forms:

  • Form 14: ‘Report changes in business or branch details'. Fill in questions 1 and 2, and mention the change of legal structure to an eenmanszaak at question 9.1. 
  • Form 1: ‘Register an eenmanszaak'.

Step 2: Make an appointment

Bring the following items to your appointment at KVK:

  • all the forms, filled in as fully as you can 
  • valid proof of identity
  • if your bv ceases to exist: the dissolution decision
  • additional documents, if relevant, such as a rental agreement for office space or a franchise agreement. 

Registration fee

A registration fee applies for registering the company with a new KVK number. If it is not neccesary for you to come by in person, you will receive an invoice by post. 

Does the bv have branches or an authorised representative?

You must register these with the eenmanszaak.

  • Form 9: 'Company branch (with commercial activities)'.
  • Form 13: 'Authorised representative'.

Visiting address and business activity

When taking over a company, the visiting address and at least 1 business activity must remain the same.

Starting date

We process the transfer on the date of entry. Directly after processing the changes, you can request a (certified) KVK Business Register Extract .

Netherlands Tax Administration

Due to the change of legal form, the KVK number and VAT ID will change. We will pass on this change in the Business Register to the Belastingdienst (Netherlands Tax Administration). Do you have staff? Then the payroll tax number also changes. Read what you should do in this case on the website of Belastingdienst (in Dutch). 

UBO register

KVK will deregister the UBOs when the bv ceases to exist. You do not have to deregister the UBOs yourself. An eenmanszaak does not have to register UBOs. 


Are there any contracts in the name of the bv, such as rental or maintenance contracts, or insurances? You will have to draw up new contracts in the name of the eenmanszaak

Do you already have a sole proprietorship?

Then you cannot register a second sole proprietorship.

  • Is the bv at a different address than your current registration? Then choose to register a branch office with your sole proprietorship. Instead of form 1 (Registration form sole proprietorship) use form 9 (Registration form branch of company). You do not need to make an appointment. Send forms 17A and 9 to us in one envelope by post.
    • Also, include a copy of your proof of identity.
    • And do not forget to include a copy of the lease, purchase or rental contract of your work address signed by both parties. 
  • Is the address the same as the address of your sole proprietorship? Then do not register a branch office. In this case, submit changes online for your current sole proprietorship. For example, add new activities or an additional trade name.

More information

You will find more information on transferring a company in the articles Final tax return when closing down, selling, or inheriting a business and A guide to changing your business structure on   

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