Registering a shipping company

Follow these steps to register a shipping company in the KVK Business Register (Handelsregister).

Step 1: prepare your registration

Download the following forms and complete them:

  • Form 2: Registration of a general or limited partnership. This form also applies to shipping companies.
  • Form 10: Registration of the partners, for each partner in the shipping company.
  • Form 13: Registration of the accountant as authorised representative (this form is optional).
  • Form 18: Additional information to other forms (articles of association or deed details)
  • Form 32: Registration of UBOs

Unsure who the shipping company's UBOs are? Use this page to find out what the criteria are.

Step 2: make an appointment, if necessary

A partner or authorised representative of a shipping company can be a natural person (a human being) or a legal entity, for example a bv. If you are a natural person, you have to show valid ID in person at a KVK office when you register. You can make an appointment by clicking the 'Log in using DigiD' button at the bottom of this page. See step 4 to find out what you need to bring to your appointment.

Are all partners and representatives non-natural persons? You can register by mail. You do not have to make an appointment. You do need to:

  • check which documents you need to send in together with the forms;
  • include copies of valid ID of all the signing persons;
  • send the forms, the ID, and the documents to KVK.

Step 3: present proof that you are allowed to use the address, if necessary

If the shipping company is registered at the private address of one of the partners, KVK does not need proof that you are allowed to use that address. If you wish to register the shipping company at a different address, bring one of the following documents to your appointment, or send it in, together with your registration form:

  • A lease or rental agreement, signed by the owner and the tenant.
  • declaration of consent to use the premises for your company. The declaration must be signed by the owner.
  • A purchase agreement, signed by the buyer and seller, or proof from the Land Registry Office (Kadaster).

Step 4: finalise your registration

Do you need to come to a KVK office? Make an appointment by clicking 'Log in using DigiD' at the bottom of this page. Bring the following things:

  • All the forms, completed.
  • Any additional documents requested in the forms.
  • If applicable, proof that you may use the address.
  • The shipping company contract, if the company is run under a common trade name.
  • Valid proof of identity for all partners and representatives.

Additional information

  • KVK charges a one-time registration fee for registering your shipping company. If you finalise your registration at a KVK office, you can only pay by scanning the QR code on the invoice with your mobile. 
  • After you have registered, you can ask the KVK official who registered you for a Business Register KVK extract (at a fee) in Dutch or English. A KVK extract may be useful for procuring contracts or financing.