KVK Extracts

What do you get when you order a KVK Extract?

  • A summary of the company’s registration data, such as its name and address, date of establishment, and in most cases its directors;
  • Information about the legal entity, the nature of the company and its registered office(s);
  • It is clear in the registration if no unsolicited mail advertising or door-to-do sales are wanted.
Order from € 2.60

How to order a KVK extract

  • After clicking on the order button, search for and select the company of your choice;
  • The KVK Extract (Uittreksel) is pre-selected. Choose the type of extract you need;
  • Complete the payment.

Please note: to finalise the payment for your product you will be redirected to a Dutch language payment environment. If you need help navigating this Dutch environment, you can call +31 (0)88 585 15 85.

Are you ordering for the first time? Then be sure to request an access code first. You can pay by iDEAL or credit card.

What can you do with a KVK Extract?

  • Obtain reliable information about a business partner;
  • Prove that your company is registered in the Business Register, for example when you apply for a business account with a bank;
  • Check who is authorised to sign contracts (authorised signatory);
  • Prove that your company or another company does not want to be approached for door-to-door sales or receive unsolicited advertising (Non-Mailing Indicator, NMI).

What types of KVK Extract are available?

There are several options to choose from. Do you need official proof of registration? Choose the digital or printed certified extract. Just checking if a business is registered? Choose ‘View the extract (not certified)’.

Digital KVK Extract (uncertified): € 2.60

The most recent information is displayed directly on your screen. This KVK Extract is not certified. As part of the €2.40 purchase, you can also view the company’s history and any registrations it has made, as long as you do so on the same day as you purchased the extract.

Digital KVK Extract (certified): € 8.45

The certified digital KVK Extract includes an electronic seal (QSEAL). It is legally equivalent to a paper KVK Extract and can be used for official purposes, for instance legalisation or an apostille request. You will receive the KVK Extract by email in PDF format. Before ordering, please check whether the recipient will accept a certified digital KVK Extract.
More about the Digital KVK Extract.

Paper KVK Extract (certified): € 16.90

A paper extract is suitable for official use, for instance legalisation or an apostille request. You will receive the extract by post.

English version of paper extract: € 16.90

A paper KVK Extract can be used for official purposes. You will receive the KVK Extract by post.

English version of KVK Extract (certified): upwards of € 8.45

The printed English certified extract costs €16.90. The digital version costs €8.45. You need an access code to request a digital extract. The English extract is identical to the Dutch one, but some text fields have been translated.

Examples of KVK extracts

View samples of the different types of KVK Extracts (PDF).


Changes to laws and regulations may affect the content of KVK information products. Learn more about new and pending law changes and their possible effects (in Dutch).

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Last updated on 28 July 2022

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