Registration of legal entity officials

To register a director, supervisory director, sole shareholder, liquidator, etc. of a private limited company (bv: besloten vennootschap), public limited company (nv: naamloze vennootschap), cooperative, mutual insurance organisation (OWM: onderlinge waarborgmaatschappij), European Company (SE), European Cooperative Society (SCE), foundation, or for-profit association. Also, to register an authorised representative for one of these legal entities.

Download the form

Can I send in the form, or do I need to visit the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK?

Visit KVK

  • Directors and authorised representatives must present themselves in person at KVK to register. Liquidators only need to visit if they were not registered as director at the legal entity concerned.
  • Bring the completed and signed form, together with a valid proof of identity. The form states who can sign the form and which supporting documentation you may have to bring.
  • You have to make an appointment to visit KVK. When you visit, a member of staff will check your proof of identity and whether you satisfy the conditions for registration.

Make an appointment online to complete your registration.

Send KVK the form

  • If the official is a supervisory director, a sole shareholder, or a legal entity (such as a private (bv) or public (nv) limited company), you can send KVK the form in. You need not visit KVK in person. The form states who can sign the form and which supporting documentation you may have to attach. 
  • If the form concerns the registration of a (new) sole shareholder, and was not handled by a civil-law notary, you have to attach a notarial deed of the share transfer.
  • Send the form, together with a copy of the valid proof of identity of the person who signed the form to one of KVK's postal addresses.

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Last updated on 6 September 2021

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