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Prepare your UBO report, so you can finish it without delay. The preparatory steps will tell you how to determine who the UBOs are in your organisation. And which documents you need to submit.

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UBOs and the UBO register

UBOs (Ultimate Beneficial Owners) are the ultimate beneficiaries of an organisation, in other words, the persons in charge. For example, in a private limited company (bv) owners of more than 25% of the shares are UBOs. In a general or professional partnerships (vof or maatschap), persons with over 25% economic interest are UBOs. An organisation can have 1 or several UBOs.

The UBO register makes clear who the UBOs are, and this contributes to the prevention of the use of the financial system for fraud, laundering money or terrorist financing.

Have UBOs already been registered for your organisation in the UBO register?

Then you can also use the UBO report to change UBO data or to deregister UBOs.

Changing UBO data

In your UBO report, you can submit changes in the interest UBOs have in your organisation, and changes to personal data shielding options for registered UBOs.

Important: You must submit the UBO data changes in a UBO report within 7 days of their implementation in your organisation.

Deregister UBOs

If a person is no longer a UBO for your organisation, you can use the UBO report to deregister them.

Important: If a person is no longer a UBO, you have to submit a UBO report to this effect within 7 days. If you deregister a UBO, check if you need to register another UBO (or UBOs) in the UBO register.

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Please note: the UBO report procedure is only available in Dutch.