Taking over or transferring an eenmanszaak to a new owner

Read how to register the transfer of an eenmanszaak, what is involved, and what you should pay attention to.

Step 1: Fill in forms 

  • Form 14: 'change of business and branch details'. The previous owner completes questions 1, 2, 9, and 10

  • Form 1: ‘eenmanszaak (sole proprietorship) registration form’. The new owner states that they intend to continue running the existing business as an eenmanszaak

Step 2: Make an appointment

Make an appointment at a KVK office and bring:

  • the completed forms.
  • Valid ID  of the new owner. And a (copy of) the previous owner's ID.

 The previous owner does not have to come to the appointment, but we do need a copy of their ID. 

Registration fee 

To register the business with a new KVK number, the new owner must pay a registration fee. 

New owner already has an eenmanszaak 

You are only allowed to have one eenmanszaak, so you cannot register a second one. 

  • If the business you are acquiring has a different address than your current business, you can choose to register a branch office. Send form 9 (Branch registration form) and form 14 (change in company details) to us by post in 1 envelope. Also send a copy of a valid ID for each of the signatories of the forms and a copy of the lease, purchase, or rental contract signed by both parties. You do not have to schedule an appointment at KVK. 

  • If the address is the same as the address of your eenmanszaak, do not register a branch office. In this case, submit the changes to your current eenmanszaak online, such as by adding new business activities or a new trade name. 

Does the eenmanszaak have branches or an authorised representative?

The new owner must register these.

  • Form 9: 'Registration of a branch office'.
  • Form 13: 'Registration of an authorised representative'.

Additional supporting documents 

We also ask that the new owner provide additional supporting documents, such as a lease for a commercial space or a franchise agreement. 

Visiting address and business activity

When you acquire a business, the visiting address and at least 1 business activity must stay the same. 

Effective date 

We will finalise the transfer on the effective date. After the change/changes has/have been processed, you can immediately request a new certified KVK Business Register Extract

Netherlands Tax Administration 

When a business is transferred, it is given a new KVK number and VAT ID, so that it is clear that there is a new owner. When updating the Business Register, we will also forward the change to the Belastingdienst (Netherlands Tax Administration). 

Current contracts 

Find out which contracts are in the eenmanszaak’s name, including rental contracts, maintenance contracts, and insurance policies. Change the name on the contracts to the new owner’s name. 

More information 

You will find more information on transferring a company in the articles Final tax return when closing down, selling, or inheriting a business.

Making an appointment 

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