What are UBOs?

UBOs (Ultimate Beneficial Owners) are the persons who ultimately benefit from, or have an interest in, an organisation. Since 27 March 2022, more than 1.5 million organisations in the Netherlands have a duty to register their UBOs in the UBO register.

Ultimate Beneficial Owners

UBOs are the ultimate owners, or are people who are allowed to make decisions in an organisation. Examples are persons who own more than 25% of the shares in a private limited company (bv), or who have a substantial interest of over 25% in a general or professional partnership (vof or maatschap). Or perhaps those who hold more than 25% of voting rights for amending the articles of association of a foundation (stichting) or association (vereniging). If nobody has a stake of more than 25%, then the senior manager(s) are the UBOs. These can be, for example, the partners or statutory officers. Every organisation with a duty to register UBOs has one or more UBOs.

Not every organisation has to register UBOs. For example, sole proprietorships (eenmanszaak), associations with limited legal capacity and without commercial activities, and owners' associations (VvE) are not required to do so. Check whether your organisation needs to register UBOs.

Do you want to know who the UBOs of your organisation are? It is up to you as an organisation to decide. This information will help you do so:

Registering UBOs

Find out everything you need so you can register your UBOs in one go. You can register, deregister, or change your organisation’s UBOs via the UBO report.