Registering a sole proprietorship

Want to start a registration, continue with a registration, or make an appointment at KVK? Log in with DigiD and follow the steps below.

Inloggen met DigiD

The steps you will go through:

To start a new registration

1. Log in with DigiD

Click the button to log in with DigiD. Please note: Only the owner of a sole proprietorship can register.

If you do not have a DigiD yet, simply apply for one via the DigiD website.

2. Fill in the registration form

Fill in the digital registration form step by step.

3. Check your details

Check the overview of all the information you have filled in. It is required to complete the form with the correct information to make an appointment and to register your company.

To make an appointment

1. Make an appointment

If you have completed the registration form, you can immediately make an appointment at a KVK office of your choice.

2. Visit our office

During your appointment, a KVK employee will check your identification and check whether you meet the registration conditions.

Costs for registration
  • You pay a one-off registration fee of € 51.30.
  • For € 15.40, you can immediately take an extract with you.
  • You can pay with a debit card, mobile, or credit card. Cash is not possible.

Register without DigiD

If you cannot continue with DigiD, register using this pdf form or the digital form linked below.

Register without DigiD (in Dutch)

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Last updated on 28 April 2021

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