Appointment: registering a VvE, stichting, or association

A stichting (foundation), vereniging (association) with full legal capacity, or VvE (Owners’ Association) is established by notarial deed. After incorporation, the notary will register these legal forms in the Business Register and the UBO Register. If your stichting or vereniging engages in commercial activities, you will have to make an appointment to finalise your registration.

Preparing for your appointment  

Commercial activities include managing a canteen, cafeteria, or bookshop. If your vereniging or stichting engages in commercial activities, please make an appointment at KVK.  

Complete the following forms prior to the appointment:  

  • Form 5: Stichting (foundation), vereniging (association), or owners' association registration form.  

  • Form 8: Registration form for a business owned by a legal entity.  

  • Form 11: Registration form for an officer for a legal entity.  

  • Want to register a stichting (foundation)? Please also complete form 31: UBO registration for a foundation (in Dutch).  

  • Want to register an vereniging (association)? Please also complete form 33: UBO registration for cooperative, mutual society, or association (in Dutch).

Each form states which documents you may need to bring to the appointment. 

What to bring to your appointment  

Schedule your appointment by clicking on the ‘Log in using DigiD’ button below. Make sure to bring the following documents to your appointment:  

  • All completed forms needed to register your foundation or association. 

  • If necessary, a copy of your lease or purchase agreement signed by 2 parties or a declaration of consent

  • The documents you need to register UBOs  

  • A valid ID. 

  • The original notarised deed 

About your appointment  

  • You can make an appointment at any KVK office.  

  • Make sure to set aside plenty of time for your appointment. When it gets busy at a KVK office, you may have to wait.  

  • You will have to pay a one-off registration feeImportant! You can only pay by scanning the QR code on the invoice with your mobile.


Yes, you can. Anyone with a DigiD can make an appointment for themselves or a friend, family member, or client to register a new official for a company. Do keep in mind the following:

  • The new official must identify themself at a KVK office.
  • They must bring a fully completed form signed by an already registered official.
  • They  must bring a copy of that official's identification.

Since 1 July 2008, VvEs must be registered in the Business Register. The civil-law notary will register a newly created VvE for you.

Register a VvE with KVK

If you want to register an owner’s association (VvE) yourself, prepare the following documents:

  • VvE registration form (Form 5 - Registration for a foundation, association or owners' association)
  • VvE officer registration form (Form 22 - Registration of an officers of a foundation, association or owners' association without a company)
  • A copy of a valid form of ID for each director of the VvE
  • A copy of the deed of division validated by the director(s) if the VvE was set up before 1 July 2008
  • An original copy of the deed of division, authenticated* by a civil-law notary, if the VvE was set up after 1 July 2008
  • A copy of the minutes of the meeting signed by the director(s) showing the appointment of the director(s)
  • A copy of the attendance register, signed by all owners in attendance at the meeting

* Authenticated: each page contains the initials of the director(s), with the signature(s) on the last page.

If you do not have the deed of division, you can order a copy from the Land Registry Office (Kadaster, in Dutch) for a fee.

Submit registration forms and documents

Send the forms and documents to the KVK postal address.

Confirmation and registration fee

After registration, we will send a registration confirmation and an invoice for the registration fee by post. You can immediately request a certified KVK Extract.

Association with full legal capacity

You must visit a notary (in Dutch) to set up a vereniging (association) with full legal capacity. Once it has been set up, the notary usually registers it with the Business Register.

Association with limited legal capacity

You do not have to visit a notary to set up an association with limited legal capacity. It is not compulsory to register such an association with KVK. However, registration is still advisable. Directors are jointly and severally liable, but can limit their liability by registering in the Business Register. After registration, they are liable only if creditors demonstrate that the association has not fulfilled its obligations.

Documents for registering an association with limited legal capacity

Do you want to register an association in the Business Register? You should collect the following documents for an association with limited legal capacity and send them to the KVK's postal address.

  • form 5 (registering a foundation or association);
  • form 22 (registering an executive staff member of a foundation or association);
  • a copy of a valid form of identification for each director;
  • a written copy of the memorandum and articles of association, certified by the board of management, if available (every page initialled and the last page signed by the directors).

Registration forms

All KVK forms.

Confirmation and registration costs

After registration, we will send you a written confirmation and an invoice for the registration fee by post. You can request a certified KVK Business Register Extract immediately.

You must set up a stichting (foundation) with a deed executed before a civil-law notary. Once it is set up, the civil-law notary registers it in the Business Register.

Register the foundation yourself

If you want to register the foundation yourself, gather the following documents and send them to the KVK postal address:

  • A validated copy of the notarial deed of incorporation
  • Form 5: Registering a foundation or association
  • Form 22: Registering an officer of a foundation or association
  • A copy of a valid form of ID for each director

Confirmation and registration fee

After registration, we will send you written confirmation of your registration and an invoice for the registration fee by post. You can apply directly for a certified KVK Business Register Extract.

You can reschedule or cancel your appointment until the last minute. Keep in mind that if you reschedule or cancel your appointment at the last minute, you are keeping the time slot occupied for others.

The moment you make an appointment, you will receive a confirmation email from KVK. This email contains a link with which you can view your appointment details. You can also reschedule or cancel your appointment via the link. Cannot find the email? To be sure, also check your spam box.

Follow the form. It takes you through all the questions you need to answer, one by one. That makes it easy to fill it in. Are you not confident? Or are you having difficulty because you do not speak Dutch? Ask someone you know who does understand Dutch to help you. 

Is your question not included? More frequently asked questions can be found on our Help and contact page. It also states how you can contact us.

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