Invoices and payments

We are frequently asked these questions.

Invoice from KVK

Use 'stel een vraag online' (ask a question online, in Dutch) to request a copy of an invoice, quoting the invoice number and entering your business details. A pdf copy of the invoice will be sent to the email address you have specified.

If you pay for your order directly with iDEAL or by credit card, it is anonymous and we cannot send you a copy of the invoice. You should use the bank or credit card statement as proof of payment. The product is exempt from VAT (Belastingdienst, in Dutch).

Digital invoices

If you want to make sure you never lose an invoice again, switch to digital invoices to receive your invoices by email.

Yes, you can. Go to request digital invoices (in Dutch) and fill in the online form.

You have 28 days to pay our invoices. This is in accordance with article 3:4 Financial Commercial Register Decree 2014.


If we have not received your payment after 28 days, we will send you a payment reminder. You will then have 14 days to pay the invoice.

Payment demand

Have we still not received your payment? In that case, you will receive a payment demand, increased by €7 in accordance with Article 4.113 of the AWB. You then have another 14 days to pay the invoice.


If you still do not pay after the demand, we will outsource the claim to Syncasso. The costs of the collection measures to be carried out will be entirely at your expense.

Automatic direct debit

There will be 1 attempt to collect the amount automatically. Is direct debit not possible? Then the above steps will follow.

You will find a list of your orders under My account:

  • log in to My account with your access code and password;
  • click on the link for Orders;
  • you will now be able to see a list of your online orders. You can filter the list by period;
  • you can also download it.

If your organisation has several login codes, you will only be able to use the login code for the main user or administrator to view the list. You will see this access code or its reference under (Orders).

If you do not know which code is the access code for the main user or administrator, you should contact us.

Read all the information (in Dutch) about the bank details (bank account, bank name, IBAN) of the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK and look at examples of the invoices we send out.

Go to 'facturen van KVK' (in Dutch) to see examples of the invoices, payment reminders, and demands you might receive from us. Find out which details are shown on our invoices.

Read more about the invoice for filing your general terms and conditions and view an example (under the heading 'Invoice').

You do not receive an invoice for extracts from the Business Register that have been paid directly by iDEAL or credit card. Purchases from the Business Register are exempt from VAT. The order is also anonymous. This is why you will not receive an invoice.

You can view the details of the payment in your bank or credit card statement. You can use this as proof of payment.

Would you like to receive an invoice for future purchases? Request a free access code and choose direct debit (‘automatische incasso’). You will receive a monthly invoice of your payments.

If there has been a double payment, the excess amount will be refunded.

Was your invoice automatically debited from your account? And did you also pay it manually? We will refund this at the end of the statutory refund period. This is 56 days from the collection date.

Request an earlier refund

Do you want the amount to be refunded sooner? Please contact your bank.

Yes, your unused KVK credit can be refunded. KVK will eventually discontinue credits as a payment method. So we recommend taking this into account when you purchase credit. 


This happens if you fail to pay an invoice on time. After the first and second reminder, KVK outsources recovery of the debt to Syncasso. This is a national debt collection agency and bailiff.


If you have any questions about this debt recovery process, follow the instructions in the letter, email, or text message you have received or contact Syncasso directly. They will answer your questions.

Login to Syncasso's 'Mijn Dossier' (in Dutch) to upload your proof of payment. The letter, email, or text message you have received comes with instructions on how to do this. If you have any questions, contact Syncasso. They will handle your questions. 

Changing invoice details

Use this form (in Dutch) to change your bank account number. Please make sure to enter the complete IBAN. 

Go to 'stel een vraag online' (ask a question online, in Dutch). Choose the subject 'Bestellingen en facturen' (Orders and payments). Enter the details of your business and the names of the previous contact person and the new contact person. 

That depends on how you receive your invoices.

Invoices by post

Your invoice address is always the registered office or postal address of your business as shown in the Business Register. We usually change the invoice address automatically if you notify us that your business address has changed. To do so, go to Report a change.

Have we not changed the invoice address? Report this online using the enquiry form on our website: 'stel een vraag online' (ask a question online, in Dutch). Select ‘Bestellingen en facturen’ (Orders and invoices) and submit both the old and the new invoice address.

Digital invoices

If you receive our invoices digitally and your email address has changed, send an email to:, stating the old and new invoice address.

Use this form (in Dutch) to change your payment method to direct debit mandate. We will process the change within 5 working days.