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We are frequently asked these questions.

Ordering a Business Register extract

You easily can order a KVK extract from the Business Register for your own or another business online:

  • search for the business in the Business Register (in Dutch) by business name or KVK number;
  • select the business;
  • choose ‘uittreksel Handelsregister’ (Business Register Extract) and the required type;
  • complete the order.

Read more about the various types of KVK extracts.

  • Use the Search function (‘Zoeken’, in Dutch) to find the business;
  • Search by KVK number or business name;
  • Select your business;
  • Choose ‘uittreksel’ (extract) and then the required type;
  • Complete the order.

Read more about the various types of KVK Extract.

The digital, certified KVK Extract is also available in English. To order, do the following:

  • Search for the business in the Business Register by name, address, or KVK number.
  • Select the business.
  • Go to 'uittreksels' (extracts) and select a digital ('Digitaal gewaarmerkt') or paper ('Papieren gewaarmerkt') certified extract. Select your payment method. Please note: the English digital certified extract can only be ordered with an access code for your KVK account. Therefore, you will need to select 'KVK account' and log in.
  • Then select 'English'.

The English variant is identical to the Dutch extract, with the exception of the translation of a number of text fields. A generic translation of these is not available, as the interpretation of that content may differ per country.

The English-language KVK Extract is not always accepted. This is partly because it does not contain all the details. In some cases, the English version must be accompanied by the Dutch version of the extract. Or certified with the stamp by a notary or embassy.

You should find out in advance if the party you are dealing with will accept an English-language extract.

A KVK Extract shows a company’s details as they stand at the time the extract is requested. So if changes are made subsequently, the details in the extract will no longer be up to date. That is why most companies request an extract of no more than 1 month old.

A certified KVK Business Register Extract provides assurance that the extract is from KVK's Business Register. It is official proof of registration. That is why some organisations require a certified extract.

The paper and digital certified KBK Business Register Extracts are certified.

The preview of an extract, or a printed copy of a digitally certified extract are not certified. These are not suitable for official use.

You can order a digital, certified KVK Extract in Dutch, with or without an access code. You need an access code to order a digital, certified extract in English.

If you want to give your order a reference, you must order with an access code as well.

If you pay directly with iDEAL or credit card, you will not receive an invoice. Please use your bank statement as proof of payment.

You can pay for a digitally certified extract in Dutch using iDEAL or a credit card.

You cannot purchase an English-language digitally certified extract with these payment methods.

Please note: orders paid for with iDEAL or by credit card are anonymous, so you will not receive an invoice for your order.

Most of the standard terms, such as the address, name, powers, etc. are translated. Where that is impossible because there is no standard translation, you must use the Dutch-language extract. The details concerned are:

  • the description of the business (the SBI description is translated);
  • details of the restrictions on power of attorney;
  • references to judgments of a foreign court;
  • certain job titles of officers.

Both the digitally certified KVK Extract and the printed certified KVK Extract are suitable for official use. Before requesting a digitally authenticated extract, check with the receiving organisation whether they accept it. For example, to register a car at the post office, you usually need a printed certified extract. Printing a copy of a digitally certified extract is not accepted as an official document.

Ordering other products

  • Search for the business in the Business Register by business name or KVK number;
  • Select the business;
  • Choose ‘documenten' (documents) and the required type;
  • Complete the order.

You can request the following documents via the website:

  • Memoranda and articles of association deposited after 1 June 2013 (except those of owners’ associations);
  • The most recent deeds of private and public limited companies set up after 1 January 2011;
  • All memoranda and articles of association previously requested at our Service Centre.

If the documents are not available online, you can order them by telephone. You will receive your product by email or post.

Read more about memoranda and articles of association.

You can order annual accounts for all legal entities required to file financial statements, provided that they have complied with their filing obligation.

  • Search for the business in the Business Register via the trade name or the KVK number.
  • Select the business.
  • Choose 'Jaarrekeningen' (annual financial statements) and select the statement you wish to view.
  • Complete the order by clicking the button 'Bestellen'.

Read more about the different types of the annual financial statements.

The company hstory before 1993 is no longer included in the KVK Corporate History, but you can request these data by phone: (+31) 88 585 15 85. 

The UBO register is not public. Only authorised authorities can request UBO information. 

It is possible to view your own UBO information. Are you yourself a UBO, or signatory for an organisation with UBOs? Then check your own data online (in Dutch). Log in with your DigiD with ID check. 

Do you need your UBO details because your bank, accountant, or civil-law notary asks for them? Then take a screenshot of your UBO data. 
Is that not enough? Then you can use the confirmation letter stating that you are UBO of an organisation. You received this after submitting the UBO report.

About my order

If you cannot see the email attachment, click ‘Forward’ and send the email to your own email address. The attachment should now be visible. Save the extract and open it with Adobe Reader.

If you use an Apple computer, specific email settings may block an attachment.

That depends on the type of extract you order. The version for information purposes will appear on your screen immediately. The digital, certified KVK Extract will be emailed to you as a PDF file within 10 minutes after your order. The paper, certified extract will be posted to you the same day if you order it before 15:00 CE(S)T.

You can print a digital, certified extract from the Business Register, but the printed document will not be legally valid. If you want to use the digital certified extract for official purposes, you must forward the original email with the document attached. This is legally valid and will usually be accepted.

A KVK extract of a dissolved business can serve as a proof of deregistration. You can order the extract online.

Ordering online

  • Select 'Zoeken' (search) from the homepage
  • Select 'Uitgebreid zoeken in het Handelsregister' (advanced search) in the Business Register
  • Fill in the data of the business
  • press the 'Zoek in het Handelsregister' button (Search in the Business Register)
  • select the correct location/registration
  • select 'KVK uittreksel Handelsregister' (KVK Extract)
  • choose the desired variant
  • complete the order

Please note: to order deregistrations dating from before 1 January 2015, you will need an access code.

Did you expect to receive the product by email? Check if the email is in your spam or junk folder. Did you order the product today using an access code? Please order the product again. We will not charge additional costs in this case. Did you order the product before today and paid with iDEAL or credit card? If so, please contact us.

You can find your orders under Mijn account (My account, in Dutch):

  • Click on ‘inloggen’ (log in – top right);
  • Select ‘Handelsregister’ (Business Register);
  • Enter your access code and password;
  • Select the period next to ‘Bestellingen’ (Orders).

You will immediately see which products you have ordered.

If your organisation has several login codes, there will be one main account and one access code, which you can use to request the full list of login codes. Above the table, you will see which members of your organisation can view these details. If you do not know which is the main user’s or administrator’s access code, please contact us.

You can export your orders in 'Mijn account' to an Excel file, or another program:

  • Click on download
  • Download the order overview
  • You will receive a CSV file
  • How to open the CSV file in Excel or another program depends on the software version.

Below are the most common steps within Excel:

  • Open the file
  • Select column A
  • Select Text to columns (usually on the 'data' tab)
  • A help window opens
  • Choose separate > next
  • Celect comma > next
  • Select finish

VAT and invoices

KVK is not subject to VAT and therefore does not charge VAT on products. See also our tariffs.

Use this form (in Dutch) to change your bank account number. Please make sure to enter the complete IBAN. 

You will find a list of your orders under My account:

  • log in to My account with your access code and password;
  • click on the link for Orders;
  • you will now be able to see a list of your online orders. You can filter the list by period;
  • you can also download it.

If your organisation has several login codes, you will only be able to use the login code for the main user or administrator to view the list. You will see this access code or its reference under (Orders).

If you do not know which code is the access code for the main user or administrator, you should contact us.

You do not receive an invoice for extracts from the Business Register that have been paid directly by iDEAL or credit card. Purchases from the Business Register are exempt from VAT. The order is also anonymous. This is why you will not receive an invoice.

You can view the details of the payment in your bank or credit card statement. You can use this as proof of payment.

Would you like to receive an invoice for future purchases? Request a free access code and choose direct debit (‘automatische incasso’). You will receive a monthly invoice of your payments.